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My name is Dante Akira Uwai and I am an award-winning artist, designer, and architect. I graduated in architecture and urban planning from the University of Brasilia and worked at the office of the architect Paulo Henrique Paranhos. This website showcases a small part of my work and things that I am passionate about. Currently, I am doing freelance projects and looking for opportunities to develop my creativity

Awards and Mentions

Winter Youth Olympic Games Medal design competition 2024

!st prize

Best Final Year Projects in 2020 on ArchDaily Brasil

Casa Lacerda Museum Architecture Competition

3rd prize

Boate Kiss Memorial Architecture Competition

5th prize

CAU Tocantins Headquarters Architecture Competition

Honorable Mention

Ribeirão Preto Municipal Administration Center

Architecture Competition

Honorable Mention

Monument to Women's Memory Architecture Competition

1st prize

Cimentare Cobogó Design Competition

2nd prize


Thank you

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