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Architectural Commas
Final Course Project

The project was a proposal for intervention in the Historic Center of São Paulo. More precisely, the intervention area is a radius of 500 meters from the Anhangabaú metro station.


The starting point was to create a reality within reality, a situationist experience in one of the epicenters of urban transformation in Brazil, the historic center of São Paulo.

The situationist drift guides the work at its urban scale. Starting from a point of interest, a magic circle is traced, referencing Johan Huizinga's Homo Ludens, which invites the user to explore the city and reinterpret invisible places in daily life.

Within the action radius, 11 projects are proposed: temporary interventions that, through materiality and color, form a constellation, connecting at an urban scale and extrapolating the limits of the lot. The projects make use of existing Terrain Vague, creating a project that is the city itself, revisited. The use is suggestive, but not rigid, encouraging experimentation and a reinterpretation of the place.

It is the architect's role, at times, to distance oneself from norms and programs and have a focused view on the end rather than the means. With that said, a utopian and active stance is acquired in the interpretation of society and the future of the city, creating spaces that enhance the narratives generated by the users themselves. Here the city is the protagonist, an extension of the architectural work.

The project was listed in the article "The Best Graduation Projects of 2020" on the website, which is a selection of final graduation projects for all Portuguese-speaking countries.

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