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Salva Design Competition

The relationship that Brazilians have with furniture is special. Comfort is the priority, after all, a good armchair is one that makes you want to sprawl out. In this sense, comfort is the starting point of this project, which embraces the user's body through a distinct design. The interplay between the bindings and upholstery creates a shell shape that invites the user to a sense of Brazilian creativity and experience.

Leather plays a leading role in the piece, as it explores the user's sensory universe on various fronts. The sound of the crumpled upholstery, the scent, the color that changes over time. The armchair is alive and coexists with the human being, creating a unique exchange relationship that only leather can provide.

The main structure is made of laminated wood molded into an arched board shape. Holes are made in it where the straps that hold the upholstered rolls will pass through. The straps lower the center of the rolls and raise the sides, creating the characteristic shell shape that gives the conceptual embrace of the chair.

Desenho técnico-02.png
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